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Udi’s White Bread – Review

Naturally, if you have wheat allergen or have Celiac disease the first and hardest hit is bread and pasta. Thankfully I didn’t try a lot of bread brands (I don’t want to talk about it) before I stumbled onto Udi’s. I previously tried their chocolate chip cookies in Whole Foods and I was impressed. They actually tasted like they were supposed to and the after taste was mild so I gave this a try.

I ordered Udi’s White Sandwich bread from Fresh Direct and I was hella impressed. I was scared and I didn’t try it for days after my delivery. I worked up the courage to make some toast, lightly buttered to go with my cup of green tea.

OH. MY. Word.

I could have bread again.

I didn’t ever really eat white bread, I’m more of a potato bread girl but this was a pleasant surprise. The loaf is small and the slices thin enough so that you get a good crisp when toasted. The bread is firm before toasting so it holds up well for sandwiches.

Udi’s sell a lot of bread based products. You can go to their site here:

They always have coupons and special offers on their website and on Facebook. I’m going to eventually try more of their products because I’m happy with two of them so far.

If you’re gluten free and you’re searching for a bread, try Udi’s brand.

I give this product a 5 out of 5


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