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Snack Idea – Cucumbers

You may not need healthy snack ideas, you probably get all of your servings of fruit and vegetables every single day without yearning for food that you miss now that you’re GF…this is for those of us who struggle.

Here’s a quick, healthy snack that you can have while cooking so you don’t most of the food while your cooking or on an evening where a something heavier would be too much of a pain all the way around.

What you’ll need.

Cucumbers (I use about two large ones), sea salt/salt, dried Thyme and a bit of lime juice (optional)

Step one. Peel and slice your cucumbers thinly and place into bowl. Bonus points for not slicing your finger or almost slicing your finger.

Step two. Add salt to taste. Try to add small amounts at a time and mix it into the bowl so that all of the cucumbers get a chance to get some salt on it.

Step three. This should already taste good, but we’re going to spice it up a bit. Add thyme to your taste. I like lots of thyme because the smokey, earthy flavor is everything.

Step four. (Optional) Add a splash of lime juice or lemon concentrate on the top and mix in.

Chill for about 5 minutes.

And there you have a small snack, enough to keep a guests hands and mouth busy while you cook or you can use it as a deterrent for those you don’t want in the kitchen aka your S/o, kids etc.

-Pro Tip –

If you have some left overs and you’re only making finger food, you can put a few slices of cucumber into your sandwich.


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