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Gluten Free versus…

Since I started this gluten free journey, I’ve seen a lot change not only in the world of food and fitness but how people perceive food. The unfortunate reality is that the GL industry has started to take off and it’s become marred by the same non-sense in the regular food market. The main issue I have is companies who advertise products as gluten free and charge a higher price or raised the prices on these items; the items in question are food / snacks that are naturally gluten free.

For example; Bananas are naturally gluten free; trying to sell me a banana for $2 by putting a gluten free sticker on it isn’t going to work.

I realize that there are a lot of naturally gluten free items that are processed alongside grains and or have gluten containing items in the preservatives, seasonings etc but I’m talking about blatant price jacking to capitalize on this new “trend’. /End Rant.


I personally don’t care how you started your journey. I respect your decision whether it is medical / forced or just a change of pace from a bad diet or a break from processed foods; I do get annoyed assumptions are made about why I’m gluten free. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ask if you’re curious; but there is a polite way to show interest without putting people into a box and simultaneously judging them for their decision.

On the other side of the assumption:

So, someone tells you that they are Gluten Free, you’re curious, how do you proceed? You ask if they have an allergy or sensitivity for gluten and go from there. As someone who can not process gluten there is nothing more frustrating than being asked if I’m on a diet or being told that I don’t need to lose weight. Unless you have an eating or psychological disorder; people on both sides of the weight spectrum generally don’t need a reminder of their weight nor do they want unsolicited advice.

A common side effect of gluten intolerance is weight fluctuation (while still eating gluten), bloating (along with stomach issues) and when you do start your detox from gluten; you do lose weight and continue to do so rapidly if you do not balance your diet.


Back to us:

Most of gluten is in carb form so Gluten Free and Paleo diets have become all the rage; I don’t mind it because it increases my Gluten Free eating options BUT there is a huge difference between people who have a sensitivity and those that make the choice to give up gluten.

The most important thing you can do is research. The web is a great help in every step of the process, from transitioning to finding recipes and alternatives. Learn what’s naturally gluten free and what is not. It will take time, it will take work but you’ll get there and don’t be a jerk to the people who are genuinely interested in why you started your journey. Education on all sides is what will keep us moving forward.

It doesn’t have to be gluten free versus the rest of the world.


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