So you have Celiac Disease, now what?

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Don’t be too sad; yes, this is going to require a major change of pace but it’s entirely possible and it’s not all cardboard tasting food and loads of protein. You can have a great variety of food to satisfy all palates and still maintain a gluten-free lifestyle. The…

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Kitchen Basics – Herbs & Seasoning

Herbs and Seasonings are very important to ensuring that your food is delicious – if you’re eating Gluten Free, there’s no need to punish yourself with bland food. Here are some herbs you should always have in your kitchen: Thyme: it’s earthy and pairs well with both meats and vegetables. I generally buy it fresh… Continue reading Kitchen Basics – Herbs & Seasoning

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Crispy Green Beans

Sometimes, getting something green on your plate is met with some resistance and I have to admit that it took me a while to give green beans a try because it brought up this terrible idea of soggy, almost grey, limp….beans and ain’t nobody got time for that mess. I grab the “steam” bags from… Continue reading Crispy Green Beans

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What I ate today – Breakfast

I have this as a breakfast or a quick snack. Very easy to make and you can vary the combination so it’s never boring. Here are the basics: You’ll need: Your favorite Yogurt – I use La Yogurt (strawberry flavor for this post) Fresh Fruit – I used fresh strawberries Steel Cut – Gluten Free… Continue reading What I ate today – Breakfast