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Kitchen Basics – Herbs & Seasoning

Herbs and Seasonings are very important to ensuring that your food is delicious – if you’re eating Gluten Free, there’s no need to punish yourself with bland food.

Here are some herbs you should always have in your kitchen:

Thyme: it’s earthy and pairs well with both meats and vegetables. I generally buy it fresh from my local supermarket (2 bundles for $1) during the summer and I dry it myself. It’s really easy to do – just make sure you wash the stalks well and dry it with paper towels. You can set it out on a baking sheet or a foil pan for a few days and it will start to dry. I do like to use both fresh and dried thyme to layer flavor for some dishes but dry thyme makes it easier to remove the leaves from the stalk, just hold it upside down and pinch the leaves between your thumb and index finger and drag down. I then transfer it to an air tight container. Lasts pretty much forever.

Ginger: Fresh Ginger is great for digestion and adds a nice zing to your dish. It’s heavily used in Caribbean cooking so I always have some on hand.

Green Onions: I love stocking up on these during the summer time also – not as strong as onions but it gives your dish a light, summery feel. Great for garnishing as well. I usually blend some into my seasoning mixes for marinades.

Garlic: Another great staple that is a great base for any dish.

To make a simple but delicious fresh seasoning I blend:
1 bundle of green onions
1 bundle of thyme
4-5 inch pieces of ginger
6-7 segment of garlic
and add the juice of a lemon / lime
and some olive oil

I use this as a base marinade for most of my meat or as a starter for my dishes. I hope you enjoy!





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