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Udi’s GF Chicken Maple Sausage Breakfast Sandwich – Review

Those of us with eating restrictions know that finding a new item that meets all of our needs is always a cause for celebration; when it’s also delicious? I’m ready to write love letters to the developers of my new found joy.

My adventures in Target led me to find this gem: Udi’s Gluten Free Chicken maple Sausage Breakfast Sandwich. Udi’s is one of the few brands that seem to always hit the mark and the pricing seemed fair – $5.99 for two sandwiches.


There was definitely a chance that I wouldn’t love it. I am very particular about the consistency of my eggs and generally this is where most ready made, frozen breakfast items get it wrong but, that’s a risk you have to be willing to take.

If you have Celiacs Disease – I advise you to still read every ingredient in every packaged item that you are about to consume. Udi’s is a trusted brand so, I’m not worried about accidental exposure but in reading the labels of products that you do like, you start to learn what works and what doesn’t. It assists you when researching unfamiliar brands because you have the knowledge to make a more informed decision.

I posted the list of ingredients which are also available on their site here – and an inlay with the nutritional facts.


As usual – Udi’s has a product that’s well packaged. The sandwiches are individually wrapped.

Packaging helps avoid wastage


Outside of the wrapper

This is when I decided to improv. The directions on the box are to microwave on Defrost while wrapped in a paper towel. Chill. We’re adults here, I don’t want a soggy biscuit. I understand it maybe more convenient to use the microwave but,  if you’ve got some time – treat yourself.

My Method:
1. Grease small pan (doesn’t matter what it is just no Cast Iron). You can use butter, non stick spray or coconut oil.
2. Put Oven on Broil. I had it on Lo since my oven is one of Satan’s minions.
3. Put sandwich in the oven.
4. Your sandwich should be ready in 4 Beyonce songs – be sure to flip the sandwich every 2 songs or so to make sure that it warms evenly.
5. Be attentive – you don’t want high heat to dry out your sandwich and burn your biscuit. Adjust temperature and time as needed.

Once finished, place on dry rack if it’s too hot. (I have a huge aversion to damp, soggy bread)

Perfect brown on the edges



There were lots of elements that could have over powered the sandwich so I was initially concerned but I’m really loving this. The biscuit itself was nice and sturdy, held the sandwich together well and didn’t fall apart after the first bite. The egg was my biggest concern but it was fluffy and well done – there was a slight bit left over but I was happy to eat it up. The maple in the sausage was mild enough for you to identify it and bring all the other elements of sandwich together without being too sweet or too salty. The cheese was a small but but I’m also lactose intolerant so it was the right amount for me to get perfects bites of everything.

Udi’s has impressed me again (I see ya’ll made the bread loaves bigger so I won’t shade you anymore) I will definitely be adding this sandwich to my breakfast possibilities and will be on the look out for more since they currently have four sandwiches in their breakfast line.

This morning, I ate the sandwich, yogurt and lemon water and I was actually full and energetic.

I highly recommend this item and the Udi’s Brand. (No, this isn’t an ad but…”aye…Udi’s…wassup?”

Sandwich ain’t make it to the plate






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