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Kitchen Basics – Herbs & Seasoning

Herbs and Seasonings are very important to ensuring that your food is delicious – if you’re eating Gluten Free, there’s no need to punish yourself with bland food. Here are some herbs you should always have in your kitchen: Thyme: it’s earthy and pairs well with both meats and vegetables. I generally buy it fresh… Continue reading Kitchen Basics – Herbs & Seasoning

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Crispy Green Beans

Sometimes, getting something green on your plate is met with some resistance and I have to admit that it took me a while to give green beans a try because it brought up this terrible idea of soggy, almost grey, limp….beans and ain’t nobody got time for that mess. I grab the “steam” bags from… Continue reading Crispy Green Beans

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What I ate today – Breakfast

I have this as a breakfast or a quick snack. Very easy to make and you can vary the combination so it’s never boring. Here are the basics: You’ll need: Your favorite Yogurt – I use La Yogurt (strawberry flavor for this post) Fresh Fruit – I used fresh strawberries Steel Cut – Gluten Free… Continue reading What I ate today – Breakfast

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Sunrise Smoothie

Smoothies have become a huge part of my life so I’ll be posting “recipes” that I think are easy and delicious. If you have a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to share.   Sunrise Smoothie: 1 cup of orange juice (I used tropicana, no pulp) 1/2┬ácup of straw berries 1/3 cup of pine apple 1/4 cup… Continue reading Sunrise Smoothie

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What I ate today: Smoothie

Had a long day at work today and was feeling a bit low on energy when I got in so a smoothie was the perfect addition to my dinner. Measurements are average. I use a Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender. I used frozen fruit from Trader Joes: 2 parts raspberry, blue berry and strawberry mix… Continue reading What I ate today: Smoothie

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Snack Idea – Cucumbers

You may not need healthy snack ideas, you probably get all of your servings of fruit and vegetables every single day without yearning for food that you miss now that you’re GF…this is for those of us who struggle. Here’s a quick, healthy snack that you can have while cooking so you don’t most of… Continue reading Snack Idea – Cucumbers

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